Standards And Packaging Guidelines - An Overview

All macros in Summary: and %description have to be expandable at srpm buildtime. Due to the fact SRPMs are built without the package's BuildRequires put in, dependant upon macros defined beyond the spec file can certainly lead to the unexpanded macros exhibiting up inside the developed SRPM. One method to Test is to make a small chroot and Construct the srpm:

Offers which crank out log documents should really publish out their logfiles in a bundle-specific (and bundle owned) Listing below % _localstatedir /log. Until the software getting packaged rotates its personal logs, it will have to also ship a logrotate config file to rotate its log file(s). Logrotate config file

Very little in evolution's dependency chain owns /usr/share/gtk-doc/ Option: the evolution deal should really have the /usr/share/gtk-doc directory. There's no ought to insert an explicit Necessitates on gtk-doc entirely for the Listing possession.

Static libraries only. Each time a deal only provides static libraries you might spot all the static library documents during the *-devel subpackage. When accomplishing this you also Need to have a Digital Offer for your *-static deal:

Also, internet sites could be nfs mounting /dwelling on numerous differing kinds of devices or perhaps network automounting them on desire. Modifying information in household directories that are So configured could have negative outcomes in the two of these situations.

The bare minimum label size is 4 inches high by 5 inches wide. Broader labels could possibly be essential to support huge facts fields. A lesser label may very well be utilised with purchaser consent only the place the Actual physical dimensions from the product are unable to consist of the common label. Sample dimensioned labels look in Exhibits three & four under. The label ought to be white in shade with black printing.

If a particular alter is linked to a Bugzilla bug, incorporate the bug ID in the changelog entry for straightforward view website reference, e.g.

As new locale information look in afterwards deal revisions, %find_lang will routinely consist of them when it really is run, avoiding you from having to update the spec any more than is necessary.

The identical relates to reviewers/testers. Rebuild src.rpms in a individual account which doesn't have use of any sensitive details. Relocatable offers

Use the versioning guidelines to find out an proper Model to the library, if at all possible. Should the library is forked from an upstream, utilize the upstream Variation which was most lately merged in or rebased onto, or maybe the Variation the first library carried at some time on the fork.

If a package consists of a GUI application, then it ought to also contain a appropriately installed .desktop file. For the needs of such guidelines, a GUI application is outlined as any software which attracts an X window and operates from inside that window.

Operate rpmlint on binary and resource rpms to examine them for prevalent errors, and correct them (unless rpmlint is Improper, that may occur, way too). If you discover rpmlint's output cryptic, the -i change to it may be used to obtain far more verbose descriptions of most glitches and warnings.

Comprehensive guidelines for packaging systemd models and systemd-managed providers are below. Desktop documents

Suppliers must perform ongoing testimonials of all packaging designs to be sure They're in step with these Guidelines and replicate now available know-how and products.

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